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The Company

«On one side the impressive beauty of Serra da Estrela with its snowy crests contrasting with the amazing vegetable green cover of Gardunha. » panerai replica watches

The brand TASTE FROM PORTUGAL - Secrets of Beira- lies between two mountains, named Serra da Estrela and Serra da Gardunha, in the Cova da Beira Valley, where the amazing cherry fruit of Fundão is produced.

This geographical location, with an unique microclimate, provides amazing weather conditions due to the high number of hours of cold during the winter, warm Spring and great protection of the Atlantic winds, as well as the deep and well drained granitic or schist-clay soils of the hillside. These are the ideal conditions for the development of fruits, crops and pastures, which gives the unique flavours and features to our products.

We add value to national products in a competitive, innovative and differentiated way, without compromising the tradition and customs and the demands of our nature. This way, we offer best replica watches delicate and tasty products that show the excellence and luxury of the Portuguese food.


 We believe in the motto "make our customer our best partner"

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