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    Serra da Estrela cheese (Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) )

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Serra da Estrela cheese (Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) )

The use of the expression Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) requires that the cheese must be produced according to the appropriate regulations, which include, namely, the conditions in which the milk is produced, the sanitary conditions of milking, preservation of milk and manufacture of the cheese, making of Serra da Estrela cheese an international symbol in the Gourmet area.

It is a cured, semi- soft, creamy, white or slightly yellowish cheese, with few or no holes in it, obtained by the slow draining of the curd after the coagulation of the raw sheep’s milk of the traditional breeds by the action of a thistle infusion of Cynara Cardunculus

Traditional breeds of sheep used: Bordaleiras and Churra Mondegueira breitling chronomat b01 gmt replica

Ingredients: Raw sheep’s milk from Bordaleira sheep and/or Churra Mondegueira, salt and Thistle flower.

Category: Cheeses
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