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    Old spirit (firewater)

    Taste From Portugal

Old spirit (firewater)

It is a spirit (firewater) obtained from the finest fresh marc from the cellar that, after a period of 15 years aging in oak portuguese casks, gets a fine aroma and a velvety and unmistakable flavour. The quality comes from the attendence of the handcrafted manufacturing processes of our forefathers, in order to give continuity to the ancestral traditions.

Thus, this spirit (firewater)  was born to delight and warm us during the long winter nights of the Serra da Estrela, thanks to its unmistakable fine and velvety aroma.

  • TYPE: Old Spirit


  • COLOUR: Topaz
  • AROMA: Lightly alcoholic with nuances of vanilla and Walnut
  • TASTE: Soft smooth and velvety
  • FINAL TEST: Persistent


  • REGION: Beira Interior
  • SOIL TYPE: Shale and Greywacke Granite
  • AGING: Portuguese oak barrels

Category: Brandies
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