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    «Quinta da Goya» Cheese (RESERVE)

    Taste From Portugal

«Quinta da Goya» Cheese (RESERVE)

Cured aged and mixed milk cheese (reserve)

Taking advantage of each type of milk - cow, sheep and goat- this remarkable cheese appeared. Each kind of milk has its own individual personality traits, bringing unique contributions to the cheese world by way of flavour, texture and aroma. By combining different kinds of milk, people open the door to a whole new world of cheeses.  

Description: Cured mixed milk cheese, made from raw cow, sheep and goat’s milk. Coagulation is obtained through animal rennet.

Characteristics: It is a cured, semi-hard, unctuous, straw-yellow coloured cheese, with tiny holes.   It has a rectangular shape without defined edges for an exclusive edition.

It has a hard, well-formed, smooth and thin rind, with a straw-yellow colour. It has a strong taste and flavour due to its long-term cure for an exclusive edition

Ingredients: Raw sheep, cow and goat milk rennet and salt.

Category: Cheeses
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